How meditation can help you in your journey towards self-development

How meditation can help you in your journey towards self-development

“Take up meditation. It is good for you.” We often hear this from our friends and relatives. They claim to have benefited from it and hence ask us to practice it. However, the problem is we don’t have a clear idea about how it can benefit us. We often think that meditation is for people who are seeking spiritual enlightenment but the truth is that it can help us in practical ways too. Yes, meditation can help us in self-development and personal growth. Let’s elucidate.

What is meditation?

Meditation can be defined as awareness. It is about being conscious of your own thoughts, about the world around you and being in a state of control. There are different techniques of meditation like the mindful meditation in which you concentrate on a single thing or act like your breathing or any object outside the body. It is natural for the mind to get scattered but you have to bring it back on the thought. By practicing mindful meditation we can control our mind, increase our focus and achieve calmness.

Well, maybe you are aware of these benefits already. Your friends must have told you. What we want to emphasize is that meditation can make the path to self-development easier. It can contribute to personal development and make you a better person.

Meditation and self-development – embark on a path of improvement

Improved focus – The most direct advantage of meditation is an improvement in focus. When we meditate, we focus our attention on a particular thing. However, this benefit can be a long-lasting one as our overall focus improves and we can direct our energy and thoughts even when we are not meditating.

This means, if you have a goal like learning a new skill or improving your efficiency, meditation can help you by making you more focused. With meditation, you would learn to concentrate only on what’s important and leave out all negative and unproductive thoughts behind.

Improved memory – mindful meditation helps us to weed out distractions and focus on important facts and information. This helps us to remember more things and also incorporate new ideas and information. Needless to say, this has a direct effect on our productivity.

Lower levels of anxiety – It has been found out that people who meditate regularly suffer less from anxiety. This is because they become more aware and can control their reactions. We become more rational and can disassociate ourselves from thoughts or situations that increase anxiety. Our ability to reason out also increases which helps us in becoming proactive and find solutions rather than worrying unnecessarily.

Reducing stress through meditation benefits us in different ways. We can work on our goals without feeling stressed out and even enjoy the process. Personal development becomes an enjoyable process that we eagerly take up.

Better control over emotion – meditation makes us calmer. It also increases our control over our emotions. Be it worry, anger, sadness or fear, we gain control over all the feelings. This helps us to make better decisions at times of crisis. We also can plan better and be more rational. No doubt, this helps us to become more tuned with our goals.

Increase in gray matter – this would interest people who want concrete proof of benefits of meditation. Scientists have found out that meditation increases the amount of gray matter in the frontal and hippocampus areas of the brain. This can lead to increase in focus, emotional stability and even better cognitive functioning.

Techniques of meditation

The best thing about meditation is that you don’t need any gear to practice it. Start with 10 minutes on hand, preferably in the morning. Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Observe how you inhale and exhale.

You can meditate anytime during the day to regain your composure. With practice, you would become better at it.

Thus, if you are eager to improve yourself and want to achieve your self-development goals, take up meditation today. With meditation, the path to personal development would become easier.


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