About us

Within Focus and Positivity Team, we are a group of usual people from different backgrounds and a big passion towards personal and self-development.

InJuly 2017 we decided to start helping people to improve their day-to-day life, therefore we redesigned the content of this website and we aim to fill it with free articles available to anybody.
However, for those who need or want more inspiration, we will publish regularly eBooks and books to help as many people as possible across the globe to change their life into a better one. The content for all of them will be based on our day to day life experiences, which will come together with a set of already tested tips within the team.

As a start, our first eBook was recently published and can be downloaded from Amazon Kindle Store with a simple click on the button below for the promotional price of only $0.99. And many more are yet to come in the future.

So, you might consider visiting our Facebook page and revisit our website from time to time. Feel free to give us your review, add your comments and/or share the content with your friends if you would like so.