Importance of focus and positivity within personal and self-development

When it comes to personal and self-development, I think that we can all agree that this is usually easier said than done. While we all might want to work on our personal and self-development, the reality is that working on it can become quite challenging as a whole. The deeper we go, the more we discover, and this can turn our minds and souls into a maze of confusion. Thankfully, there is a way to make this process much easier, and this is by taking into account two very important things, and these key things are staying focused and positive … read full article

Published Articles

If you are working on your personal and self-development on a regular basis, in order to stay on track and not lose your way, it is vital that you keep focused at all times. That means, you must stay attuned to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on your quest for greatness.

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As a professional athlete, mixed martial artist competitively, and personal fitness trainer I can confirm that the "10 Practical Tips towards a Joyful Life " eBook is one of the best sources of inspiration to improve self-confidence and mental wellbeing. Most of times athletes are being seen as people with a nicely worked and shaped body, or with some medals around their neck. But to get there they need to do way much more than just 1-2 hours of workout per day, and the basics of that hidden part of their work can be learned from this eBook. I will definitely use the content of this eBook in the future as a source of inspiration for myself and my students. Because a good confidence level and a healthy mental being are one of the most important ingredients for success, either in sport activities or day-to-day life.

Peter Brooks - professional athelete

Very good content within the published articles. I am very  happy to find such a valuable resource of information available for free, and I am looking forward to read the eBook recently launched on Amazon.

Darren Korb

"10 practical tips to a joyful life" is a very practical and quick guide on how to turn your live around in baby steps that make all the difference in your mind, body and soul.

Dafina Dinea

I've downloaded yesterday the "10 Practical Tips towards a joyful life" eBook because the content of this website just made very curious.
After I read it first, I noticed instantly 2 areas of my life where I could make easy step-by-step improvements using the guidance from within the eBook.
Tomorrow morning, the 22nd of August 2017, will be the first day when I will already experience one of the changes!:)
Thank you Focus and Positivity Team!

Rob Holme